2015 Smart Car Forfour

The Smart Fortwo car has been a European staple for years now. Its tiny ecological footprint and the ease in which it can fit into even the tiniest parking places has made it a big hit for dwellers in Europe’s cities, with their narrow streets. new smart car Now, the tiny car’s manufacturer plans to introduce a selection with more seating for its European consumers with its 2015 Forfour. Manufactured in Renault’s Slovenia factory, the Fourfour will feature two engine choices, a 70 hp 3-cylinder naturally aspirated and a turbocharged 3-cylinder that has 89 horses under its hood. A 5-speed manual transmission is available, as is a 6-speed automatic transmission. smart car photos

Though still more than able to fit into small spots, the Fourfour will measure 31.5 inches more than its smaller cousin. It will offer an information and entertainment center with an 8-speaker audio system. A navigation system comes with the base model. Consumers who want more safety features, such as a warning system for impending collisions, as well as a lane-keeping warning system, will have to fork over more money for those options. changes smart car The 2015 ForTwo Smart car will provide more room in the interior while keeping its overall length the same, making it an excellent choice for singles or couples who live in crowded cities. There will be both an electric and a convertible option for those who choose the 2015 ForTwo. smart car redesign The new version of the ForTwo promises to improve on its ride with its newly-redesigned front axle. It also offers crosswind assistance standard on the new model, but only offers front collision and lane-changing warnings as options. European buyers will be able to choose between both models late in 2014. For seating two extra people, the ForFour will only set buyers back €600 more than the two-seater. U.S. car buyers will have to be patient, because the ForTwo will not make its debut across the pond until late in 2015. They will be well-rewarded for their wait, for the projected sticker price should be just a little over $13,000.

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