2015 Tesla Car Model S60

Tesla car 2015 S 60 takes gasoline power out of the equation with its all-electric powerplant. With a strikingly higher energy capacity than any of its competitors, it simply does not need a backup plan. The battery is more than equal to the task. tesla car price The car’s elegantly-engineered construction incorporates the battery into its design by seating it in such a way that helps enhance the car’s center of gravity. It lies near the bottom center of the car, which helps it ride low, with superior downforce on turns. That, in turn, leads to its silk-smooth ride. tesla car colors

Its motor delivers 302 horses with 317 lb-ft of torque and gets 94/97 MPGe. It features a one-speed direct drive transmission. With the option of a second motor in the front, owners can choose four-wheel drive for a little extra cash. redesign tesla car Its interior welcomes passengers with plenty of room for long trips, and its all-electric construction allows room for trunks in both the front and rear of the car that hold a total of 31.6 cubic feet of storage. It offers the option of third row seating (rear-facing) to hold larger families or guests, allowing the sedan to hold seven passengers. There is also a five-door station wagon version available. tesla car body styles Amenities include a superb touchscreen to provide information and entertainment, as well as heated, power-adjustable seats. Its seven-speaker audio system allows access to AM, FM, and HD stations, and can support mp3, mp4, and AAC digital sound files. Bluetooth technology allows hands-free access to make calls and select music. Because the Tesla is a completely electronic vehicle, updates are downloadable. Anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, eight airbags, a rollover crash sensor, child safety locks, and manual releases for all interior doors make the car attractive to those for whom safety is a high priority. Keyless entry makes the car a good option for those who prefer not to fiddle with the keychain out in a cold parking lot. Although the Tesla is a bit pricey, with the base model starting at $71070, remember that U.S. owners will get a $7500 federal tax credit. Don’t forget the savings at the gas pump. With the Tesla car, you won’t ever have to pull up to the pump and moan about rising fuel prices.

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