2016 BMW X1 — More Security Features Than Ever

The new 2016 BMW X1 is a re-designed sub-compact SUV that is scheduled to be released on the fall season of 2015 and it comes with lots of upgrades that include roomier cabin, taller heights and better engine. This is a 5-passenger all-wheel drive SUV with a 2-liter twin turbo-charged and four cylinder engine that delivers a 228 horsepower.

2016 BMW X1 Village

BMW says the new modular engine included in the X1 is the most powerful entry engine in its range. With this new engine, there is a significant 12 horsepower drop, when compared to the 2015 edition of the BMW X1.

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2016 BMW X1 Changes

Aside from the roomier cabin, better engine, and more robust appearance, other 2016 BMW X1 changes noticeable include the numerous safety features that make the SUV one of the most secured automobiles ever to be released by BMW. The X1 is about 8 inches shorter and 3 inches narrower than the X3, but with more overhangs and platforms the X1 provides much better surprises in the interior.

2016 BMW X1 Int

This SUV appeals to most style-conscious urban dwellers, it comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission that can divert up to 100% of torque into its rear wheels, thus you can navigate all sharp bends and drive through even the most difficult terrains.

2016 BMW X1 Sea

The new BMW X1 has its leg rooms increased by a significant 1.5 inches and there is an adjustable rear seat that slides back and forth, however this is optional-all the three seating sections of this automobile will fold easily.

2016 BMW X1 Release Date

The 2016 BMW X1 release date suggests that the powerful automobile will be released in the first quarter of 2015 as against the fall season of 2015 being speculated by many people. This car comes with several driver connected features that can be integrated into Smartphone mobile apps.

2016 BMW X1 Forr

Cruise control, parking assistance, rain-sensing wipers, 18-inch run-flat all–seasons tires and key-less starting is some of the new security features that have been added to X1. 2016 BMW X1 price currently stands at $34,800 MSRP; however the base invoice is $32,515. Prices also depend on retailers and region of the world.

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