2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid — a Midsize Sedan with Impressive Capabilities

The new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid has been described as an ultimate impressive sedan for several reasons: first of all it comes with a combine fuel economy of 42 mpg, alongside its quiet cabin and eye-popping styling. This sedan also comes with intuitive infotainment interior, with its sound system upgraded to a 6-speaker system for excellent sound.  The modern styling and sleek interior are not the only new stuffs here, this is the only gasoline-powered Ford Fusion and it is able to incorporate all the positive features from the standard Fusion into a fuel-efficient package.

 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE - Aerodynamic Design


2016 Ford Fusion Energy Titanium — Advance Features

The brand new 2016 Fusion Energy Titanium provides a perfect smooth ride quality on the highway, while its roomy interior seems too much for four passengers.  This Hybrid car comes with advanced safety and tech features, including the forward collision avoidance system, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control — all these features reduce drastically your chances of getting caught up in nasty accidents.

2016 Fusion Energi

Roomy and High-Tech Interior

The interior of the 2016 Ford Fusion equipped with entertainment enhancement features such as MyFord touch screen interface that controls the audio, navigation and Smartphone functions — with the aid of a button; you can simply control all your entertainment devices easily.

2016 Ford Fusion Energi - MyView screen

You should expect a little less trunk region on this automobile; however it provides the same trunk space when compared to other Hybrid competitors.  Similarly, the electronic interface could be a little slow; however it still performs much better than many of its Hybrid competitors. The interior also comes with a sync voice command technology that helps you handle basic tasks by voice commands.

2016 Fusion - Dune leather Luxury Package

With all these advance features one would expect the 2016 Ford Fusion price to be beyond the reach of many but Ford had decided to put the MSRP price at $29,425. Other notable features you can expect from this powerfully designed 2016 Ford include: keyless ignition and entry, remote engine start and heated steering wheel.

2016 Fusion shown with leather-trimmed seats

There are quite a number of many optional features available for the Titanium edition and such options may sharply increase the overall price of the automobile.

The 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Photo Gallery

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