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The Alfa Romeo vehicles produced in Italy have a very long history. Everything starts in 1910 when a company named A.L.F.A was founded. In fact, the initial company was called SAID and was founded in 1906 by French vehicle producers together with investors of Italian origin. Since this was not very profitable, they decided to found A.L.F.A. The Alfa Romeo name was first used in 1920 when the first car with this name was produced. In 1986 Alfa Romeo ended up in the possession of Fiat Group. Nowadays it operates as a subsidiary of Fiat.

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Alfa Romeo started to participate in races only one year after the initial company was opened, in 1911. In time, the Alfa Romeo cars started being considered high class sports cars. The brand is very famous in motorsports and it participated in various events both as a constructor and as an engine supplier. Few people know that Scuderia Ferari was initially launched as an Alfa Romeo team. Only in 1939, ten years after being launched, it became independent.

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Alfa Romeo is also famous for being a pioneer in technological developments. The company is responsible for numerous innovations and also for using them at large scale for the first time. Few people know that Alfa Romeo does not only produce cars, but also commercial vehicles of various sizes, utility vehicles and engines for the marine or for airplanes. Nowadays Alfa Romeo commercializes three models: MiTo, Giulietta and 4C. It is expected that four new models are going to be released in 2014 and one more model in 2015. The brand continues to be very popular and it was featured in numerous movies and TV productions. The slogans of the company have changed a few times in its history. The one used nowadays emphasizes the fact that the company is passionate in building cars. Otherwise said, the manufacturers consider that Alfa Romeos are cars for the soul.

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