Audi models – Interesting Facts about the Brand

The popularity of Audi is huge and most people have at least heard of the famous German vehicle manufacturer. The headquarters of the company are located in Ingolstadt, Germany, but eight more factories are also operating in other locations such as Brussels, Bratislava or Jakarta.

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The history of the brand is a very long and complicated one. Ever since 1966, the company is owned by the Volkswagen Group which took it over from Daimler-Benz. What are left from the long history are the logo and the name. Audi means “hear” in Latin. The company’s initial founder was named “Horch” which also means “hear”, but in German. The name came as a logical alternative after Horch was sued for infringing trademark laws by some former partners. In result, he was banned from using his name as a trade name for a new car business and this is how Audi came up. In what concerns the four rings which form the Audi logo, they are a representation of the four companies which merged in order to create the company that preceded Audi.

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In recent times, various Audi models were the first incarnations of concepts that would later on enjoy huge popularity. For instance, Audi 80 was the predecessor of the Volkswagen Passat and Audi 50 was re-developed as Volkswagen Polo. In the early 90s, Audi came up with the V8 model in order to change its target customers and to compete with giants like BMW or Mercedes-Benz. New technologies were also introduced in the 90s and nowadays Audi constantly reports sales increases. Besides the new principal assembly plants in Germany, the manufacturer also uses seven other worldwide plants, sometimes together with other VW brands. It is expected that in 2016, it will also open up the first plant in North America, on Mexican territory.

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The corporate tagline of Audi is Progress through Technology and its German version is used in numerous European countries. For the American market, the company used the slogan Innovation through Technology which was recently changed for Truth in Engineering.

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