BMW and Motorsports

BMW is German company that fabricates cars, engines and motorcycles ever since 1916. The Mini cars and the Rolls-Royce cars are also manufactured under BMW ownership. BMW is a leader of the car industry and it is one of the biggest car sellers at global level.

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At first BMW was founded in order to replace a company that was manufacturing engines for airplanes. Motorcycles were introduced in its portfolio after the I World War when there was no demand for aircraft engines anymore. Later on in 1928, the company also started producing vehicles. The Dixi model became popular soon after it was released. Unfortunately, the production of cars became unprofitable in the 50s, but BMW somehow managed to get back on its feet.

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BMW and motorsports go a long way back. Everything started in 1923 when the company entered the racing world with motorcycles. Later on, BMW also got involved in Formula 1 and enjoyed significant success. Cars developed or manufactured by BMW won 20 races ever since their debut in Formula 1. In 2006 BMW together with Sauber turned into the best constructors in the industry. Other Formula 1 achievements include finishing on the podium for 76 times, starting from pole position for 33 times, winning 20 Grands Prix and finishing on the first position in the drivers’ championship once. BMW not only developed its own racing cars, but also manufactured engines for other participants. In 2009 BMW left Formula 1.

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BMW also enjoyed great success in other competitions. It won the 24 Hours of LeMans once, the 24 Hours of Daytone three times and the Spa 24 Hours for an impressive number of 21 times. Similar success was also achieved in the field of touring car. BMW officials have said that the motorsports world is the perfect place for allowing their cars to prove their capabilities. And this is exactly what they have done so far.

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