Buick – The Oldest Active American Make

Cars under the Buick brand are currently manufactured by General Motors. Buick is one of the most famous brands in the car industry and it has one of the longest histories on the market. Buick cars are available on the American and the Asian continent.

Buick regal turbo

The history of the brand starts back in 1899 under a different name. The current name was only acquired later on. In its first years on the market the company came up with two prototypes. They only released their first commercial car five years after opening. It was called the Model B and 37 such vehicles were put on the market that year. Unfortunately, none of them exists nowadays. Only two replicas can be admired, one in Michigan where the company is headquartered and one put together by a Californian enthusiast. Buick developed a car with a closed body in 1911 and put it on the market. Ford achieved the same performance only four years later. The 30s were particularly successful for Buick and the brand was even liked and driven by members of the royal British family.

2015 buick grand national

The Buick lineup constantly decreased and in 2005 the company was only selling three models. However, thanks to a clever repositioning on the market, the company encountered an impressive growth five years later and started to target young customers. Obviously, the lineup also became more consistent and nowadays customers can find five models sold under the Buick brad. One of them is a compact sedan, two of them are mid-size sedans, one is a mini crossover and one is a full-size crossover.

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Buick is marketing itself as manufacturer of luxury cars for entry-level clients. Otherwise said, it targets the same customers as Lexus, Volvo and Acura.

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