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Cadillac owned by the General Motors Company in the United States and it is the luxury division of this company. The Cadillac cars are one of the first automobiles ever produced in the world. In the United States, only Buicks were made before the Cadillac entered the market. Nowadays the Buick brand is also under the ownership of GM. The Cadillac vehicles are mostly sold in North America and China. However, they are present in 34 countries worldwide.

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The history of the Brand starts in 1902. It was founded by Henry Leland who wanted to do something with whatever was left from the Henry Ford Company. He named his new company after an explorer who discovered the current city of Detroit. Cadillac produced its first cars in the same year in which it was founded and presented them at a famous auto show one year later. They immediately became very popular because of their reliability and sturdiness. The purpose of Cadillac was to combine state of the art engineering with luxury in order to come up with the best possible vehicles on the market.

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In 1906 Cadillac was the first company which started the mass production of cars which were completely enclosed. Another notable event in the history of the brand took place in 1908 when the cars won some prestigious tests concerning the interchangeability of their components. One year later, Cadillac was acquired by GM and became its luxury division. In 1912, Cadillac vehicles were the first ones to feature electric ignition, starting and lighting.

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Nowadays there are six Cadillac assembly plants in North America, China and South America. Cadillac recently announced that its new philosophy for the 21st century is focused on combining art and science in order to provide the best possible vehicles. Otherwise said the brand is still focused on high technology and daring designs.

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