Dodge — A Resistant Brand

Dodge is a brand of cars, trucks, minivans and utility vehicles produced by the Chrysler Group. It is known as the mid-priced brand of the group and its vehicles are known for their reliability. However, the brand has also had a remarkable resistance against all sorts of unfavorable factors. Its history starts back in the 1900 when the Dodge Brothers Company was founded. It originally supplied parts for other manufacturers, but it started to produce its own vehicles in 1915. Five years later, the founders of the company died and this was taken over by Dillon, Read & Co. In 1928 it was sold to Chrysler and the brand withstood all the financial difficulties and the ownership changes that affected this corporation.

Dodge car models

Dodge mainly became famous for its trucks, even though its other vehicles also enjoyed their popularity. In 2009 Chrysler decided to produce trucks under the RAM brand which was named after the popular Dodge Ram. This attempt was targeted towards making the Dodge brand more energetic and youthful. However, the RAM President declared that the trucks will always be Dodges, but they need to have a different name in order for Dodge to be able to position itself on the market as a brand for the cool and young ones. Dodge was often a pioneer in truck production and introduced numerous new and innovative features to their models. They were also reliable suppliers of vans and utility vehicles.

Dodge sports car

Dodge is nowadays available in numerous markets all around the globe: United States, Europe, Asia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. The current models on the market include the Avenger which was produced in between 1995 and 2000 and then ever since 2008, the Grand Caravan which started being produced in 1984, the Challenger which was produced in between 1970 and 1974, in between 1978 and 1983 and ever since 2008 and the Charger LX which was on and off production ever since the 60s and it is currently produced ever since 2005.

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