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Electric cars available for the year 2015 are plentiful, yet will set their environmentally conscious owners back a few more dollars at the dealership than if they chose gasoline-powered cars. Once the initial sticker shock wears off, though, the cars will earn their keep down through the years with their lower fuel costs. electric cars reviews Some of these cars also provide a bonus for U.S. owners they can help their owner get a break on federal taxes for doing their part to save the Earth. electric cars auto trader

One of the selections that won’t set new owners back much for their initial investment is Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV. At just under $24,000 to walk off the dealer’s lot, the savings only begin there. With 112 MPGe, the car can get some serious miles under its belt for much less than its gas-guzzling brothers. specs electric cars The Smart Fortwo’s electric version won’t be out in the United States until late 2015, but for those willing to wait, its just-under $26,000 price tag won’t break the bank. It does, however, only hold two passengers, which keeps larger families from considering it. electric cars price 2014 electric cars, too, are still available. At just $27,000, 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV’s aerodynamic design will come within reach of most Americans who want to reduce their ecological footprint with 119 MPGe. Chevy’s 2015 Volt comes with a big more hefty price tag, just under $35,000, but has a range of 38 miles. Nissan’s 2014 electric offering, the Leaf, gets 115 MPGe, and retails just under $30,000. Toyota’s plug-in Prius hybrid will cost consumers about $1,000 more than the Nissan, but get the advantage of switching from electric to gasoline power. Its range for the electric-only side, however, is woefully short at 6 miles.  Fiat’s tiny 2015 500e may be small, but it delivers on range. It gets 87 miles on its 24kWh battery. Its price, however, may prohibit many people from choosing it.   Ford offers three electric choices for 2015. The C-Max Energi, which retails just under $34,000 and gets 19 miles, is the lowest-priced of the three. The Fusion Energi, just $1,000 more. It, too, gets 19 miles on its battery, but is more easy on the eye than its more practical cousin.   The EV version of Ford’s flagship Focus, gets an amazing 76 miles on its 23 kWh battery, and retails just under $36,000. Its driving ease and efficiency provides the tradeoff for its higher sticker price.   The hybrid plug-in Accord from Honda retails at a hefty $40,570. It only gets 13 miles on its 6.7 kWh battery, but boasts more power, with 196 horses under its hood.   BMW’s 2015 i3 retails for around $42,000, but gets 81 miles on its battery. Its streamlined exterior and luxurious interior gives it the panache BMW owners want but with a Mother Nature-pleasing low ecological footprint.   Mercedes’ 2015 B-Class electric car is just a little more than the Bimmer electric, but for the extra pocket change invested, owners will get a larger vehicle with a more luxurious interior. Its battery gets a respectable 85 miles on a single charge.   The top of the electric car class is the Tesla Model S. With a huge battery that offers a range that way outstrips its competitors it can get up to 265 miles on a single charge owners will pay a steep price for its convenience. Even the stripped-down Tesla S starts at $69,000. With all of the available options, owners could pay almost six figures to ride around in its streamlined luxury.   With all of the choices available for buyers at the end of 2015, people who want to start 2015 out by making an impact on their environment with the vehicles they drive should have no problem finding something that suits their fancy.

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