Examples of Car Redesign

Every once in a while car manufacturers decide to redesign a certain model. Sometimes they choose to do so for addressing minor problems or potential flaws. They hope that once these are solved, the clients are going to be more interested in their product. Other times, car manufacturers decide to turn to redesign in order to introduce new and attractive features which weren’t available when the initial design was developed. Nevertheless, their goal is to actually make the car more attractive and to increase its sales. Sometimes they succeed and the redesign is welcomed on the market and highly appreciated. Unfortunately, less inspired decisions are also taken and sometimes a redesign makes things worse instead of making them better.

Audi q5 redesign

There are plenty of examples of successful car redesign. However, the manufacturers have invested large amounts of money in developing the changes and in implementing them. For instance, Honda CR-V is one of the best examples of successful redesign. The Toyota Camry was equally successful and these are not the only examples.

2015 nissan maxima redesign

At the opposite end, there were also manufacturers which failed in their redesign attempts. They either haven’t succeeded in making things better or they haven’t implemented appealing changes. For instance, the redesign of the Nissan Quest in 2011 wasn’t well received. The same happened to Chrysler 200 or to Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in the same year.

Lexus rx 350 redesign

Lots of redesigns take place yearly in the automotive industry. The truth is that manufacturers are constantly looking to improve their lineup and to come up with attractive and profitable models. They have two options to surprise the market: they can release all new cars or they can redesign old ones. Putting a completely new car on the market implies a huge financial effort. Redesigns are not cheap either, but they can keep the interest of the customers alive and they can generate serious sales as long as they are successful.

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