Ferrari – The Veritable Symbol of Luxury

Ferrari is nowadays a synonym for luxury and wellbeing. The cars manufactured in Italy are first of all famous for their involvement in motorsports. The history of Ferrari starts in 1929 when Enzo Ferrari founded the Scuderia. The purpose of it was to provide money for race drivers and to come up with race cars. Enzo Ferrari had no intention to manufacture “regular” cars. However, he was eventually convinced that road cars can be profitable and he agreed to manufacture them solely for being able to financially sustain the production of race cars further. The first commercial Ferrari vehicle was launched in 1947. Nowadays the road cars produced by the company are highly profitable and in great demand.

Ferrari concept cars

Ferrari was involved in motorsports from its very beginning. It either participated itself in various competitions or it provided cars and engines to other teams. Ferrari truly wrote the history of Formula1. This is the only team that competed constantly ever since 1950 and this makes it the team with the longest history in this sport. The first victory came in 1951 at the British Grand Prix. One year later, the team also won the drivers’ championship for the first time. Ferrari is the holder of almost all possible records in Formula 1. It won the drivers’ championship 15 times, the constructors’ championship 16 times, it raced in 776 Grand Prix and won 209 of them and it finished on the podium for 622 times. Besides Formula 1, Ferrari also participated in other motorsports. It also manufactured and sold race cars for other competitors.

Ferrari sports cars

Road cars turned out to also be very profitable. Nowadays the company has six models on the market and they are all in great demand. The company was also preoccupied of supercars and concept cars. Some of them were truly innovative and were never meant to be produced, but others included elements which were later on included in mass production.

Ferrari car prices

Nowadays the prancing horse and race red of the Ferrari cars are worldwide famous.

Ferrari Photo Gallery

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