Honda — A Company that Makes More than Cars

Honda is primarily known for being a significant Japanese company which produces automobiles and motorcycles. However, the company does more than that and it is involved in a variety of manufacturing activities. For instance, Honda also produces engines for the marine, equipment for gardening, power generators and personal watercraft. It recently got involved in researching artificial intelligence and the company has come up with its first robot in 2000.

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Starting with 1959, Honda is the company that produces the largest number of motorcycles in the world. Another record is set by the fact that Honda is also the most important manufacturer of engines with internal combustion. In 2001 the production of Honda cars was so high that the company was the second biggest automaker worldwide. Ten years later it was on the eighth position. In 1986 Honda had a daring initiative and launched Acura. It was the first Japanese company that produced luxury cars.

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Even though the headquarters of Honda are in Minato, Japan, the company has assembly parts all around the world: Europe, United States, Japan, Brazil, India, New Zeeland, Thailand, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, etc. The portfolio of Honda varies from country to country. However, there are six models which are internationally available. Honda is also involved in the production of hybrid vehicles. The Civic model is very famous and it is in direct competition with Prius from Toyota. In fact, Honda initially launched Insight. This was the first hybrid car made by the company and it was launched in the United States with only one month before the Prius. In 2008 Honda decided that it should increase production in order to meet the rising demand for hybrid and small cars. The company is a leader in producing efficient cars from the point of view of fuel-efficacy.

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