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The Hyundai Motor Company is headquartered in South Korea and it is one of the most important automakers in the entire world. It completely owns Kia which is one of its subsidiaries. Taking into account the volume of sales in 2012, Hyundai was positioned on the 5th place worldwide. In the same year, the company sold approximately 4.4 million vehicles. These are solely Hyundai vehicles. If we also add the ones sold by Kia, the number exceeds 7 million. Hyundai holds the record of opening and managing the biggest assembly part worldwide. This is functional in Ulsan. Its capacity is of 1.6 million cars per year. All in all, the Hyundai Motor Company provides jobs for 75.000 people worldwide and sells its vehicles in over 190 countries.

Hyundai santa fe sport

The history of Hyundai starts in 1947, but the company was named differently at the time. The current name was only given twenty years later. The Hyundai officials have asked and received help from the Ford Company in order to develop their first car. In time, the company grew and started to export cars all around the globe. Nowadays it is one of the most reputable brands in the world. Manufacturing plants and research and development centers are scattered throughout the globe in Europe, China, Turkey, North America, India and Pakistan.

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The interest of Hyundai in flexible fuel cars began in 1988.The company needed only three years in order to come up with a pure electric car. Research continued and in 1995 Hyundai introduced a hybrid electric car at an auto show in Seoul. Hyundai continues to be preoccupied about developing electric cars and it has invested a huge budget into putting this concept into practice.

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At the time being, Hyundai has fifteen different models in its lineup. These are sold in numerous countries together with the vans, the commercial vehicles and the SUVs produced by the company.

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