Innovations from Mazda

Mazda is a Japanese manufacturer of vehicles. In 2011 the company was ranked as the 15th automaker worldwide based on the volume of production. The history of the Company starts in 1922 even though the current name of the company was only given in the 80s. Nevertheless, the automobiles and engines made by then were still named Mazda even if the company was having a different name.

Mazda electric car

The first Mazda innovation was developed in the 60s and it is still in use today. The company developed the Wankel rotary engine in order to position itself differently from other automakers. The engine entered production in 1967 and it is still used nowadays in the Pro Mazda Championship. Up until now Mazda is the only company producing this type of engine. This innovation put the company on the track to success and it began exporting vehicles to foreign markets. The success lasted until the early 70s when the Manufacturer was affected by the oil crisis, just like other similar companies.

Mazda car models

Due to financial difficulties, Mazda entered a partnership with Ford which lasted from 1976 until 2010. It helped the company to expand to even more markets in Europe and South Africa. In 1995, Mazda surprised the automobile industry once again by introducing the Miller cycle engine in the production of cars. Up until now, it is the only manufacturer using this type of engine for vehicles.

Mazda small car

Mazda also enjoyed great success in the world of motorsports both with its piston-engine cars and with its famous Wankel-engine. The company cars are some of the most used ones in the racing field and it is estimated that more Mazda vehicles are raced every week than any other cars.

The first Mazda slogans included The More You Look, the More You Like and It Just Feels Right. In 2000, Mazda started to use the Zoom-Zoom tagline to describe the emotion of movement. This was a very successful campaign and the tagline is still in use today.

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