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Jaguar cars are manufactured by the Jaguar Land Rover multinational corporation headquartered in England and currently owned by Tata Motors. Back in 1922 when the company was founded, it had a different name. At first it only produced motorcycle sidecars, but then it moved on to vehicles. Its named changed to Jaguar after the second World War because of the fact that the SS initials in the name might have made a wrong impression. Jaguar changed ownership a few times throughout its history and in 1986 it was listed at the stock exchange in London. This made it possible for Ford to acquire it. It remained in the possession of Ford until 2008 when the company decided to sell to Tata Motors. The Indians not only bought Jaguar, but also three more brands.

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Jaguar always positioned itself as a company manufacturing upscale cars. The company has had some famous clients over the time such as the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, the Queen or Prince Charles. The latest delivery for the Prime Minister happened in 2010. Jaguar is an approved vehicle supplier of the royal family.

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Nowadays Jaguar puts on the market five different models. Jaguar has also developed more than 10 concept cars in its history. Some notable examples include the Project 7 which was meant to be a speedster and was featuring a V8 engine, the C-X17 and the C-X75. The former one is a hybrid electric car that will eventually go into mass production. This was announced for 2012, but it was postpone to a further date. The C-X17 is the first SUV developed by Jaguar.

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Quite unexpected from a car manufacturer, Jaguar has been involved in the world of arts. It implemented major art projects and it even launched the Jaguar Art Collection together with Stefan Szczesny.

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