Land Rover — Amazing Off-Road Abilities

The history of Land Rover is strongly connected with the one of Jaguar. Both brands are produced by the same company which is under the ownership of Tata Motors since 2008. Technically speaking, the Land Rover brand exists ever since 1948. However, as a company Land Rover was only opened thirty years later. In the beginning the Land Rover cars were produced by the Rover Company. The brand eventually got into the possession of Ford and then it was sold to Tata Motors, just like it was the case with the Jaguar brand. Land Rovers are currently just as famous as Jeeps. The former brand is older, but the Land Rover is on the second position after it.

Land rover lr4

Land Rovers used to be produced in Birmingham. However, a facility plant in Liverpool and one in India were responsible with the Freelancer model. The Defender model, on the other hand, was also produced in facilities in Europe, South America and Turkey. In 2010 Tata Motors moved all manufacturing activities to China in an attempt to reduce the costs.

Jaguar land rover

There are six Land Rover models available in the United Kingdom nowadays. All of them are 4X4, but four are large and two are small. In time, Land Rover has also designed three concept cars. The first one was introduced in 2004 at a reputable auto show and was later on transformed into a model that went into mass production. The most recent concept car is called the Land Rover DC-100. It is believed that it will be transformed in a model that will fill in the spot left opened when the Defender will be discontinued. In 2014 Land Rover also came up with an all-electric concept car which was introduced at the auto show in Geneva. For the time being, this car is only used for research. Nevertheless, its abilities are amazing and it can run for eight hours without recharging.

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