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Lexus is the prestige division of Toyota and it produces luxury cars ever since 1989. It is a leader among Japanese manufacturers of upscale vehicles and it has the largest sales worldwide. Initially, the Lexus cars were only developed for the market in the United States. However, as the brand evolved, they eventually became internationally available. The Lexus brand was born from a project called F1. F1 was supposed to be a flagship car, but the project was secret. It never turned into reality anymore, but it led to the development of the first Lexus model which was launched on the market in 1989. Starting with the early 2000s, the company was much preoccupied about increasing sales worldwide. Five years later the company decided to enter the market in its native country. The Lexus cars were the first Japanese luxury cars which were available in their country of origin. 2005 was also important for the brand because the division became entirely responsible with design and manufacturing its products.

Lexus car models

Nowadays the Lexus portfolio is very complex and it includes numerous vehicles from convertibles to utility cars. The company also produces cars under the F marque. These are high performance vehicles and there which manages them.

Lexus car colors

Traditionally, all the Lexus vehicles were manufactured at the plants in Japan. However, the production technology at Lexus was different from the one used for Toyotas. In 2004, the manufacturer opened its first assembly facility outside of Japan in Ontario, Canada.

Lexus hybrid cars

The Lexus cars were always marketed as luxurious ones, so the company has always targeted wealthy clients. However, given the relatively short history of the brand, it was very difficult for Lexus to outstand the marketing efforts of older brands. They had to rely on the history of Toyota and on creating a good perception for their cars on the market. They succeeded in creating a good reputation for the Lexus vehicles by providing extraordinary customer service. It is not unusual for Lexus dealerships to offer courtesy cars or for waiting areas in services to be filled with amenities. All employees must be aware of the fact that customers need to be treated as guests. This philosophy helped the Lexus brand a lot and now it proudly announces that it enjoys a high level of loyalty from customers.

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