Lincoln — Presidential Cars with a Long History

Lincoln belongs to the Ford Company and produces luxury cars as a division of this company. The cars are mostly sold in the United States, but they are also available in several other countries. The founder of Lincoln was a man named Henry Leland. He used to work for GM but decided to open his own company. The name of this new company was inspired by the famous president of the United States. The Lincoln Company couldn’t survive on its own and it was acquired by Ford in 1922. Leland founded another company and named it Cadillac. This was always a direct competitor for Lincoln. The former Lincoln Company was only turned into a division of Ford in the 40s. Up until then it was more independent. 1940 was also the year in which the famous Continental model was released.

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In 2012, the Lincoln division got an independent name again. Nowadays it sells seven different models mostly to customers in the United States. There are plans for developing seven new models by 2015. The company also plans to enter the Chinese market in 2014.

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Lincoln cars are also famous for serving numerous presidents of the United States. The first Lincoln ever built for a president was the Zephyr model which featured a V12 engine. This was custom made for Roosevelt who used it for eleven years. A Lincoln Cosmopolitan was used by Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. However, the presidential Lincoln that truly made history was the convertible Continental which was custom built for Kennedy. It had a bubble top for bad weather, but this was leading to an unacceptably high temperature in the cabin, so it was off in most of the cases. This was the car in which Kennedy was killed. The last Lincoln that served a president was delivered in 1989 to George Bush.

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