Mercedes Benz — Tradition for Innovation

Mercedes Benz belongs to the German automaker Daimler AG and it is a division of this company. It is responsible with luxury vehicles, but also with coaches, buses and vans. Even though Mercedes Benz as a brand only exists from 1926, its history starts in 1886. In that year, a man named Benz revolutionized the auto industry and developed the first car that was fueled with petrol. Daimler also wrote history because, together with William Maybach, he placed a combustion engine on a coach. The first car under the Mercedes brand was on the market in 1901. Twenty five years after, the Mercedes-Benz brand was born. The 770 model was very popular in the 30s and even Hitler had a bulletproofed version. The few 770 models existing today are mostly in the possession of private entities.

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Mercedes Benz is an incredibly old brand of cars and it is one of the fewest of this age which are still in production. Innovation was an important part of the history of Mercedes Benz. The brand is responsible for lots of positive changes and developments in the automobile industry. For instance, the first car branded as a Mercedes was also the first automobile with a lowered carriage. The company is responsible for developing the concept of brakes on all fours. This concept was put into practice in 1924.

Innovations continued and in 1959 Mercedes Benz developed the safety cage. This is considered amazing even nowadays and it is believed to be one of the most important safety breakthroughs. In 1981 Mercedes Benz was the first company that was selling airbag equipped vehicles in Europe. In the same year, the company also developed a system that enabled the seat belts to pre-tension if this was necessary out of safety reasons. More recently, Mercedes Benz was involved in developing a system that can predict an unavoidable crash. The system takes measures in order to minimize damage and to increase the safety of the car occupants. Mercedes Benz had a clear and undeniable contribution in the field of vehicle safety. Cars nowadays probably won’t be as reliable and as safe in the absence of all the Mercedes Benz innovations.

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