Lexus – Japanese Luxury and Elegance

Lexus is the prestige division of Toyota and it produces luxury cars ever since 1989. It is a leader among Japanese manufacturers of upscale vehicles and it has the largest sales worldwide. Initially, the Lexus cars were only developed ... read more

Honda – A Company that Makes More than Cars

Honda is primarily known for being a significant Japanese company which produces automobiles and motorcycles. However, the company does more than that and it is involved in a variety of manufacturing activities. For instance, Honda also produces engines for ... read more

GMC – A Reliable Supplier of Trucks

GMC is not a company in itself, but a division of General Motors in the United States. It is focused on producing commercial and pickup trucks as well as a large variety of utility vehicle. It also manufactured vehicles ... read more

Volvo – Setting Standards in Car Safety

Volvo is currently under the ownership of a Chinese corporation. The company was initially founded in 1927 and its purpose was to create vehicles that could withstand the unfriendly climate and terrain in Sweden. In 1999 the division responsible ... read more
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