Porsche – the Largest Race Car Manufacturer

Porsche is one of the most known car brands because of its huge success in the field of racing and because of its numerous models of race cars. The German company is worldwide known for being the most important race car manufacturer. The history of the brand goes back in 1931 when the company was initially founded by the family with the same name. There was always a special connection between Porsche and Volkswagen. In fact, one of the most popular Volkswagen models, the Beetle, was developed by someone in the Porsche family. The two companies often collaborated throughout their history in order to come up with competitive cars. At times, there were rumors that Porsche was trying to take over Volkswagen Group or Audi. Volkswagen dismissed the rumors and announced its plans to create a group that will also incorporate the Porsche Company. Ever since 2012, Porsche is under the ownership of Volkswagen. The move was not regarded as a takeover, but as a restructuration.

Porsche car models

Porsche is currently selling six different models. They are still involved in the production of race cars and the name Porsche is still very important in the world of motorsports. The company is actually holding numerous records, including one for producing the largest number of race cars in a single year.

Porsche electric car

The reputation of Porsche was enhanced in 2006 when the brand was ranked among the most prestigious ones in the world. Its good image was not affected by the entrance on the SUVs market. There were voices claiming that the Cayenne model won’t be well received, but this turned out to be a success. Its opponents still argue that this model is actually exploiting the good image of the brand and that it is only meant to bring profits. Nevertheless, in 2010 Porsche also put on the market the Cayenne S hybrid. The company is expected to offer an electric version for the famous 911 model but they haven’t made any public statement yet.

Porsche super car

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