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Renault is an important company producing vehicles and located in France. In 2011 it was on the third position in a top ranking the most important automakers worldwide. One year later it was on the 11th position. The company was established in 1899 and it was successful for most of its history. Renault even managed to avoid the financial problems caused by the oil crisis in the 70s. The company established a lot of partnerships throughout its history and it was under the ownership of the French authorities until 1996. The most recent alliance is the Nissan Renault Alliance which is the first one of its kind between Japanese and French companies. Nowadays the manufacturer owns stakes in various worldwide companies all around the world.

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Nowadays Renault manufactures and puts on the market 17 different models. Additionally, several other models are branded as Renault on smaller markets. Besides cars, Renault is also a producer of commercial vehicles. The ones which are on the market today are light ones, but the Company used to also produce heavy commercial vehicles. It had a separate truck division, but sold it in 2001. Renault also had a separate division for agricultural equipment, but this was also sold three years later. Another historical division is the one manufacturing tram and buses. This was the first one that was sold, back in 1999.

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Renault has developed a large number of concept cars and it is now investing large amounts of money in order to develop, together with its partners, a zero-emission car. The Nissan Renault Alliance also plans to start mass production for electric cars.

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As it was expected from such a large company, the company couldn’t stay away from the world of motorsports. The Renault Sports division was established in the early 70s and it enjoyed a significant success. Nowadays the sports division has a sub-division which is only focused on Formula 1. Renault Groupe is an important supplier of components and engines for some Formula 1 participants.

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