Review of the Ultra — High Performing 2016 Ford Focus RS

The 2016 Ford Focus RS come with an oval blue color that makes it unique and aesthetically appealing. It comes with a powertrain and performance that cannot be rivaled by its predecessors and by the time the car is released in the spring season of 2016, many Ford drivers will simply want to get their hands on the sporty and elegant car. The styling of the new Ford has not changed from the previous model released in 2015. With a 315+ of horsepower, this all-wheel drive hatchback automobile will deliver more than its size. Ford Focus RS 2016

Features of the 2016 Ford Focus RS Interior

As expected the 2016 Ford Focus RS interior is fully packed with great features, the four-piston brakes that support the 19-inch RS allow wheels. The cylinder head and liners have been refined to provide extra revving up of the engine. The 325 horsepower engine provides a great performance under any circumstance, thus you can rely on this car for excellent delivery. The 19-inch allows wheels as well as the aggressive exterior body makes the new ford focus more rugged on any terrain. Side View 2016 Ford Focus RS

  The seats in the interior are covered with more Alcantra covers, with some Blue color RS badges. The 2.3Liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine supports the 6-speed manual transmission greatly. The premium leather used in the covering of the steering and all other interior components of this car make it premium. Dashboard 2016 Ford Focus RS   With an excellent horsepower rating the 2016 Ford Focus RS MPG is rated at 45, while the aerodynamics and new cooling system ensure less dragging effect. The sport suspension comes with stiffer springs and anti-roll bars to produce firmer settings for the electrically powered steering. Currently, the 2016 Ford Focus RS MSRP is set as £30,000, which is not bad for a premium quality car that delivers excellent result. Side View 2016 Ford Focus RS   According to latest 2016 Ford Focus RS review, the spring release date of the car has not been confirmed but that will likely be the period of time it will be released into the United States market.  The developers release a press statement recently where they announced that car is still undergoing the final QA testing.

The 2016 Ford Focus RS Photo Gallery

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