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Nissan is a multinational Japanese corporation which manufactures vehicles under several brands. One of the brands, the Datsun, is even older than the company itself because it was first used in 1914. The Nissan Company was founded twenty years later. In the 50s it decided to expand internationally and ever since it got in a bunch of successful alliances. The most recent one is the Nissan-Renault Alliance which is the first of this kind between Japanese and French manufacturers. The Datsun brand was an important part of the Nissan’s history. The small and economic cars that were produced under this name kept the company going in the 70s when all the other manufacturers were affected by the oil crisis. However, since the demand for affordable and economical cars was high, the Datsun sales brought profit to Nissan.

Nissan new cars

Nissan is currently the sixth largest car manufacturing company in the entire world. Together with Renault, the alliance is on the fourth position. Even though volume models are currently branded as Nissans, this wasn’t always the case. These models were named Datsun up until 1983. A few years later no more cars under the Datsun brand were produced. It was only revived in 2013 in an attempt to replicate the success that saved the company in the 70s. Infiniti is another Nissan brand. This one entered production in 1989 and it was used for upscale vehicles. In 2014, Infiniti made its entrance on the market in Japan. The third Nissan brand that it is worth being mentioned is NISMO. It is currently a brand for performance cars, but it used to only be the company’s internal tuning shop.

Nissan small car

Nissan mainly produces mainstream cars, but its lineup also includes a few sport models. One of them is the famous Fairlady which is branded as Datsun. Nissan is involved in numerous partnerships with other automakers and also puts on the market kei cars. The company developed their first electric car and presented it to the public in 1997. Nowadays the LEAF model is an all-electric car which entered volume production four years ago.

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