The Concern for the Environment at Subaru

Subaru is not an independent company, but the car manufacturing division of Fuji which is a Japanese giant corporation. The Subaru name is the Japanese term of a star cluster. This also served as inspiration for the logo of the company. Subaru entered the American market in 1968 and the Canadian market nine years later. In the 70s the company decided to expand its portfolio and to also develop larger vehicles. The first model on the market was named Leone and the second one was the Legacy. The Leone model was introduced on the market and it was then followed by the Legacy. These new profitable models have set a new trend for Subaru which continued to expand. In time, the Subaru cars grabbed the attention of young potential customers who were seeing them as serious competition to the increasingly popular SUVs.

Subaru xv crosstrek hybrid

Subaru currently puts on the market six different models. One of them is the second Subaru model ever developed, the Legacy. Subaru cars are sold on all major markets in the world. Besides the large mainstream vehicles that made the company famous, there are also a few kei cars manufactured by Subaru.

Subaru xv crosstrek

Subaru’s marketing efforts are concentrated on proving that that company is friendly towards the environment. The company is producing partial zero-emissions cars, but only makes them available in the United States. In an effort to save the environment Subaru has introduced the use of recycled materials in car manufacturing and it is also making efforts to increase the recycling rate for their vehicles which go out of use. One of the company’s plants was the first one in the car manufacturing industry which had zero landfills. Such an environmental friendly company had to also come up with an electric car. This was named Stella and its battery can function without recharge for 90 km. Its drawback is the fact that it is more expensive than its direct competitors.

Subaru sports car

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