The History of Chrysler

Chrysler Group LLC is an important manufacturer of automobiles in the United States. Its size and sales volume is comparable with those of Ford. Starting with 2014, the company is completely owned by the Fiat Group. Chrysler was initially founded in 1925. It soon started to control the market and acquire other brands which led immediately to prosperity. Even though it was in great financial troubles in the 70s, the Chrysler Group got back on its feet under the management of Lee Iacocca and continued to take over other brands and to develop. 1987 was very prosperous for the company because they bought the Jeep brand. Eleven years later Chrysler merged with Daimler-Benz. The merger was not as successfully as expected and the company was sold to another buyer. Its current name dates from 2007. Unfortunately, just like all the other giants in the automotive field, Chrysler was also affected by the economic crises. It went bankrupt in 2009, but somehow managed to overcome this problem. When this happened, the company was under the ownership of two governments and one pension found. In time, Fiat gradually built its portfolio of shares and gained complete ownership of Chrysler at the beginning of 2014.

Old chrysler cars

Nowadays the Chrysler Group manufactures vehicles under numerous other brands than the Chrysler one. They are the ones making Jeeps and Dodges and also the one manufacturing RAM trucks and utility vehicles. The company has a high performance division called SRT and also owns the Mopar brand which is reserved for improved versions of current vehicles.

Chrysler concept cars

Chrysler is not as powerful as GM or Ford. This is probably why it was hit harder by the economic crisis. However, in 2010, it was ranked pretty high among worldwide automobile manufacturers.

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In what concerns future plans, it seems that Chrysler, as well as Fiat, plans to focus on alternative fuels rather than on hybrid or electric vehicles.

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