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The Jeep brand is currently produced by Chrysler Group LLC which is completely owned by Fiat. It has changed ownership a few times and in 1987 and got into the possession of the Chrysler Group. At the time being Jeep is producing off-road cars. Its portfolio also includes sports utility vehicles. This is all for now, but, in the past, Jeep was also a known truck manufacturer.

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1941 is the year in which Jeep produced its first vehicle. It was for military use and the first car for the use of the civilians was launched in 1945. Jeep cars are the oldest ones on the market in their class. At first, the Jeep Company was only producing cars for the army. They were in great demand during the Second World War. After the war was over and the cars became popular among civilians, they served as a source of inspiration for numerous other companies. The Jeep production hasn’t stopped when the war ended. The company continued to serve civilians, so in 1950 the Jeep became a registered trademark.

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Jeep has a long and fascinating history. It was often imitated by other companies and the word jeep ended up as a synonym for the cars in this class. It is not only a proper name anymore as it often happens with famous brands. The Jeep company was made famous and enjoyed huge success because its vehicles were excellent on off-road terrain. There are nowadays five models in the Jeep portfolio. In 1958 the company also started being interested in the production of concept cars. The most recent concept car developed by Jeep is called Nukizer and it was inspired from army vehicles. In time, Jeep production took place all around the globe in production and assembly facilities.

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Few people know equipment and apparel for outdoor activities is also manufactured and sold under the Jeep brand. Amazingly enough, the number of stores selling this type of apparel in China is bigger than the number of Jeep dealerships.

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