The very first and the very last founder of the concept is the S-class Mercedes-Benz W140. Really a living legend!

This car has become a classic not only for Mercedes lovers, but for ordinary motorists with a taste. There are no more such cars.

The story of this car you want to start with the first word! And this word will be mentioned often!

In March 1991, there was a great event in the automotive industry, Mercedes brought to light its brainchild W140.

And here from this body there was a word six hundred. The word six-hundred and a label S600, meant that in the car there is a mighty 6.0 liter V12 !!!!















With the advent of this car, Mercedes trampled all, bmw, Jaguar, Bentley and many other European brands into the mud. And to say that this is a legend it’s nothing to say! Much that you now drive in expensive luxury cars, what now stands in Korean and Chinese plastic cups with microcircuits, it all started with him.

But what exactly?

The chamber, this system began its birth precisely with W140))

Further, the ESP system of exchange rate stabilization, and it was also the first to be in it.

The first, a serial car with glass packs on the windows.

The first who on the window regulators made the function of pinching their fingers, it would seem a trifle and now put on all cars!

And quite a lot of things came about thanks to this car!

I will not tell you the technical points that you can easily find everywhere. I’d like to talk about the emotions that this car brings out!

This car can be described by the word itself! The biggest, the most comfortable, the most brutal, the most advanced, the most expensive and so for a long time! This car was created even when the automotive industry was ruled not by marketers, but by engineers striving to do something really great.

This car with the creation of which has become one goal, BE BETTER EVERYONE!

But unfortunately this is the first and last car, the comfort of which is still not beaten! Yes there are more advanced versions they are faster, more environmentally friendly, but they do not have real comfort, because there is no attention to detail, as was the case with this car!

He was the first and discouraged the appearance of cars even better, but it turned out the opposite, from the moment when the W140 stopped releasing died and S class.

All subsequent models were not very successful repetition of the legend.

It’s a pity that Mercedes forgot that there is a real car!

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