Toyota – The Manufacturer of the Best Selling Hybrid Car

Toyota is a car manufacturing company in Japan with an impressive performance. Based on income and market capitalization, the company is the largest one worldwide. Based on production, Toyota occupied the first position worldwide in 2012. This was also the year in which the production of Toyota has reached the impressive number of 200 million units. At first, the Toyota branded cars were manufactured by a division of Toyota Industries. The first such vehicle was developed in 1936. One year later, the Toyota became an independent company. At this time, the company produces vehicles under four more brands, except the Toyota one. It also owns more or less important stakes in other international companies. Toyota is truly a worldwide presence and it has manufacturing and assembly plants in numerous countries all across the globe. Its lineup includes over 70 models under the Toyota brand and several others under different brands.

Toyota sports car

Toyota was always a leader in what concerns environmental friendly technologies. It was the first company that took hybrid electric cars from the concept phase to the mass production phase. The Prius model was launched on the market in 1997 and it is the most known hybrid all over the world. It is not the only one, though, because the company manufactures 24 other hybrids either under the Toyota or the Lexus brand. The future plans are very daring because Toyota plans to start mass production for fifteen more models. Since its debut in 1997, Prius remained highly popular and it is now the hybrid car with the highest sales worldwide. In 2007 Toyota also developed a project for a plug-in hybrid electric car. The Prius Plug-In Hybrid was launched in 2012 and one year later it is on the second position in the top of the bestselling plug-in hybrids.

Toyota sports cars

Toyota showed some interest in electric vehicles and even established a partnership with Tesla in 2010. However, the company eventually announced that it won’t pursue the development of all electric vehicles for now because such cars are not suitable for the current needs of the society. Instead, the company will continue to develop new models of gas-electric hybrids which are more satisfactory for common people.

Toyota hybrid cars

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