Volvo – Setting Standards in Car Safety

Volvo is currently under the ownership of a Chinese corporation. The company was initially founded in 1927 and its purpose was to create vehicles that could withstand the unfriendly climate and terrain in Sweden. In 1999 the division responsible with car manufacturing was sold to the Ford Company. The Volvo Company kept the trucks division and continued to only produce commercial vehicles under this name. After being affected by the 2008 economic crisis, Ford decided to sell Volvo to the Geely Holding Group. Volvo future cars Volvo cars have always been marketed as reliable and solid cars. The company was always preoccupied about safety and it was often a pioneer in this field. Volvo patented a multitude of innovations in the field of car safety. They were the first ones to use their inventions and to introduce them to mass production. More than that, most of their innovations in the safety field were standard features in their cars. The company’s interest for safety was genuine as it sometimes happened to make his inventions available to other companies for free. An important breakthrough occurred in 1964 when Volvo came up with the first car seat that was rear-faced out of safety reasons. It was proven that this type of seating was a lot safer than traditional front-facing seats. Volvo also had a huge contribution in the development and usage of airbags. Volvo car models

More recent innovations in the field of technology include a system which is meant to provide information about objects or persons located in the blind spot of the car and a system of communication on board which can be operated through a remote controller. Volvo patented all its safety system. Nevertheless, they were also used on Fords and other vehicles because the company has licensed them. Volvo didn’t give up its standard safety equipment not even when it was acquired by Ford. In fact, they even continued to come up with innovative concepts, regardless of the ownership. Is volvo a luxury car

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